Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mangos a plenty!

Bonswa from Haiti. Wow a great few days, lots of sweat, stories and more sweat. Yesterday Chris and Jon had an adventure going over to the children's village to tile the floor. It was a morning of road blocks where they learned nothing is easy or organized in Haiti. But not in a bad way it's just a reality. much patience was applied. In the afternoon much to Jon's surprise he became a tiling teacher. (ask him about it!) They also went up to the children's church at Tapion and extended the tin roof and levelled the ground around the church. They were blessed by Roseline the church leader with cool drinks and crackers. Something small for them but a big sacrifice for her. Looking forward to sharing there on Sunday! Jen and I have been having a great time updating the sponsored young people. It's amazing to see their growth physically but also the maturity that is developing in a lot of them. About 5 will be graduating high school in June and have all applied to go to college in September. Very exciting! We've had lots of down time in the afternoon visiting with many old friends and watching Gabrielle enjoy the little tin bath under the mango trees. The mangos are plentiful and delicious. The food and hospitality is fantastic we are very blessed. God is good and it's neat to see the work He's doing here at Haiti ARISE. One of the sponsor girls in particular gave praise to God as she has been healed of pain in her back. She has scoliosis (you can tell looking at her) but she says it doesn't give her trouble any more. SO amazing because the last time I was here she was wearing a huge brace and wasn't doing so good. Ah-mazing :) Tomorrow is Good Friday and we'll be having a special service for that at 3pm but we'll be heading to the beach in the morning. Looking forward. God Bless you thanks for reading.

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