Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Claire

So we attended the Annual General Meeting for Haiti Arise in Calgary this past weekend. It was a great time, Chris and I got to connect with a lot of people we met in Haiti this past year. One of those people is a dear lady named Claire. (Hi!) She said she misses reading our blog so I decided to write one. I have no idea how many people will read it but that doesn't matter.
It's sad to not be writing from Haiti though. I definitely miss the warm/hot weather and people. Well lots of things really.~
Being back in Canada is a hard thing. Reverse culture shock or re-entry back into your own country is interesting and tough.
We spent a lot of time prepping to be in Haiti and to be ready for anything and I wish I would have done that in getting ready to come back here.
I forgot how 'go go' and fast Canadian culture is. It's a rat race and I don't want to join in or get caught up in the next 'thing.'
I want so badly to not forget what I learned in Haiti and live in a way that glorifies God and not myself.
Part of reverse culture shock is a feeling that you just don't fit or belong. That is probably my biggest struggle, whether it is going into a store, conversations with people or even my job.
May God give me the grace and strength I need.
I know Chris and I will be back to Haiti in the future so that is exciting. We definitely left pieces of our hearts there.
I am now helping with the administration of the Education Fund for Haiti Arise. So if any one has any questions about sponsoring students please send them my way.

Blessings, Rebecca