Thursday, November 25, 2010

Walking and talking with the people.

Prayer is powerful, it can change you heart and mind in an instant. One minute you feel hopeless and down the next refreshed and renewed because you took your burden and gave it to the Lord.
Sometimes that's how the days and moments go here but I am learning so much. I can't even begin to tell you about all the teachable moments and blessings I have had recently.

We have a new team here from Surrey BC. Yesterday was so encouraging we split up into 4 teams and went out to visit the people. Our purpose was sharing Christ and that happened. God is moving in peoples hearts, a couple of adults accepted Christ who seemed to be waiting for someone to come and pray with them. So the angels were singing praises in heaven yesterday afternoon. It was truly a blessing to see some of the people we know from church in their homes. I had one teacher from the elementary school ask me to come and meet his wife and see his home. What a privilege and blessing, you could see all the hard work he put into building it and how they care for it. I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to serve and be here in Haiti at this time. (Also for giving me some Creole to be able to communicate.)

On our particular walk we met an old man named Bon Bass (Good Bass) who wanted prayer and to be sure Jesus was his savior. This man truly touched my heart. Half blind, no shoes, skin and bones but with a heart wanting the Lord. We prayed with him and for him and today I was able to bless him with a few clothing items and shoes. I know I could worry and think about his particular situation a lot but that wouldn't do me any good. I needed to pray and ask the Lord to look after this man. Most importantly knowing that his soul is secure in Jesus has given me peace. We also met a few people willing to listen to us realizing that their eternal security is important but they had lots of excuses for not being ready. We had no one wave us off or tell us to get lost or that they didn't want to talk. They want to talk here they know about God and the devil, it's real. ~Please pray for those we witnessed to and those who accepted Christ. That God would continue to move in their hearts and cause them to see their need for a savior.
It's so good to be out in the community with the people. We need to do it more. They are lovely and the kids are always excited to see us.
Having the elementary school here has been a blessing to the teams and children. Right now as I am writing the team is painting the inside of the classrooms and it's going to look amazing. Also this afternoon we are spending some time with the young girls from the church doing beading and nail painting. The guys are making bunk beds, helping with the medical clinic, and a few other odd jobs around the compound. Tomorrow the team is going to cook dinner for the whole Haiti Arise staff. I am super excited about this and I think the kitchen ladies are especially happy. We are even going to have cake with icing. (Chris and I are looking forward to that part! :)
Well that's what has been and is happening around here.
Please continue to pray as the elections are coming on Sunday and also for cholera, I keep seeing stories about it getting worse.
I am also thinking about my dear friends in S.Korea right now. May God be with you all as you trust Him for safety. There are many situations all over the world that need prayer. Oh Come Lord Jesus Come! But we must remember there is still lots of good things happening even though those stories don't always get reported. So Praise the Lord too! Have a great weekend.
Love Rebecca

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 months already!

Hello from Haiti on this fine day in November. Well, Chris and I have been in Haiti for 3 months today. I can not believe how fast that went. It almost feels like we have been here for longer than 3 months, just with everything that has happened since we arrived.

The medical team and Nowochin family left today. So it's very quiet in the building today. It's good because we do need a rest before the next team comes on Tuesday. I definitely think the medical teams efforts were successful. So many people in the community received treatment for all kinds of illnesses. It was the 8th or 9th time Dr. Bob had been here so everything ran really smoothly. I got to help out with all kinds of random jobs from making photocopies to cleaning up pee on the clinic floor.
Chris has been faithfully helping out with construction. He seems to be the go to guy for going to get gas and diesel in town. He's also been great at helping with the power problems in the building. Sometimes the inverter and generator do not run well together and shorts keep happening within the electrical system so sometimes we don't have power or good water pressure.
I just want to say to all of you that are coming down to Haiti in the new year that when we have good water pressure and proper power that we really need to be thankful. It's a blessing and shouldn't be expected, just walk outside the compound walls and you will see that no other person around has these luxuries, so we really need to be sure we are thankful for what we have and not complain if something does happen. Be prepared to be stretched and taken out of your comfort zone during the time you are here. God will help you and be your strength while you are serving here. I really felt in my heart to write about this so I hope it's helpful.

I am so encouraged to watch the medical clinic continue to go up. They are almost finished phase 1 of the building. The workers are understanding the new design and Kathleen has really been encouraging and the driving force behind the progress, it's really awesome to see. Next week she will have more help as the Surrey Alliance team is coming and some of the guys will be working with her. I am sure lots more will get finished.
The Nowochin family (Charles, Nicole, Noah, and Anica) were a great encouragement to Chris and I while they were here. They are an awesome family and we admire the way Charles and Nicole have raised there children and care about each other. They were definitely an example to the church here and they helped out in a lot of ways. I hope they have a great trip home and that God continues to bless them for their faithfulness to his word.

Continue to pray for us as we all serve here.
~For the needed rest for all of us between the teams, for wisdom on making decisions for January and the new year.
~For God's leading and guiding in everything that is happening here.
~Thank Him for safety of all the workers and teams and the good health he is giving us. Praise the Lord for that!
~Also there are important elections coming up at the end of the month. The people need to vote wisely and this country needs a good government to come to power and help its' country.
~Also that the cholera would stop in Jesus name that no more lives would be lost and that it wouldn't spread any further.

Thank you for your prayers and for taking time to read this. God bless you all~
In His Service, Rebecca

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's a beautiful sunny day here in Haiti. Blue sky and a cool breeze wow can't get any better than this. I am thankful for the cooler nights and days that the winter months bring.

So here we are in the midst of the medical clinic. Overall it's been going really well. The threat of the hurricane last week really kept people away but this week the people are coming. The whole downstairs of the compound is turned into a clinic. They have a pharmacy room, storage room and 2 check up rooms. Our office is in the midst of it all so we've converted our bedroom into a makeshift office for the moment. It's just to busy with people walking by and I don't want to be in the way.

The way the clinic works is we give out tickets for each day. 20 tickets per hour, 8-11 and 1-3. So the doctors and nurses are seeing about 120 patients a day. The people are supposed to come at the hour it says on the ticket but, they don't always come on time, so that creates a bit of a wait. Most of the people are treated for illness. We don't see very many injuries. Lots of babies come and they are super cute. Yesterday we had a lady come to the clinic who was experiencing chest and breast pain. The doctors found that she has cancer and there is nothing they can do for her. So Marc Lisa Geanne and I prayed with her. I can only hope that she left with peace in her heart from the Lord. It was intense.

The medical clinic continues to progress. There is now one whole room/section installed. It looks pretty good, I will get a couple new pictures on the blog tomorrow. The school is finished being painted and it looks really sharp. It is really encouraging to see all the progress and changes around here. It's exciting to be a part of this ministry. Challenging too as we all face trials during the day. We are finding that these trials are truly character shaping as often our true colors come out. We find out where we need God's help and then ask him for his mercy to do the work in our lives. I am also learning I need to be willing to have God work in my life and not just pray or say the words.

Since today is Remembrance Day in Canada we are going to have a service here in about 15 min. The team really wants to do something to remember. I think that's great because last year we were in Korea and didn't really think about it at all. I just have to say I am thankful for being born and raised in Canada. We have so much freedom and things to be thankful for there. Truly blessed! :)

Well that's all for today.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

He's got the whole world in His hands.

"Have mercy on me, Oh God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until this violent storm is passed (Psalm 57:1).

Yesterday we woke with the news that hurricane Tomas was heading our way. We started to move materials into safer places. We put down the tent that would surely fly away, and made other preparations for the storm. By the afternoon, the rain had stopped, and the wind had slowed down. We checked the 'hurricane watch' on the net, and it had turned North! Praise the Lord.

Last night while watching a movie, we thought we heard an airplane flying outside. As we went outside to listen, we realized it was the winds from the storm. Where we were sitting not even one leaf was moving in the trees, it was totally still. But we heard the storm raging nearby. God gave Becca the verse above to trust in and meditate on. Praise the Lord, the storm has passed and all is intact. We must remember to pray for those who did get hit by the hurricane and the floods as well. For those living in tents the rain can surely be too much, Lord have mercy on them.

So back to our 'normal schedule.' The medical clinic is busy today and they are treating many patients. I am currently preparing to speak tomorrow at church. I just hope that it doesn't rain, and we can have church. If it rains here, people like to stay home. It gets too muddy and not many people have umbrellas. Rain days here are comparable to really cold, snow days back in Canada (the prairies that is :). So if God wants church to happen tomorrow, he will hold back the rain.

Our time here is going by so fast, and it is hard to keep track of all that we've done or are going to do. We've learned that the only constant we have is change (besides God's unchanging faithfulness and goodness in our lives :). So we live each day asking God to allow us to serve, and continue to be flexible to whatever the day will bring about. One day it is sunny the next a hurricane is threatening. But through it all we are learning to trust in Him who brought us here. What a blessed time it is!
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In His Service,
Chris Girvan.