Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 months already!

Hello from Haiti on this fine day in November. Well, Chris and I have been in Haiti for 3 months today. I can not believe how fast that went. It almost feels like we have been here for longer than 3 months, just with everything that has happened since we arrived.

The medical team and Nowochin family left today. So it's very quiet in the building today. It's good because we do need a rest before the next team comes on Tuesday. I definitely think the medical teams efforts were successful. So many people in the community received treatment for all kinds of illnesses. It was the 8th or 9th time Dr. Bob had been here so everything ran really smoothly. I got to help out with all kinds of random jobs from making photocopies to cleaning up pee on the clinic floor.
Chris has been faithfully helping out with construction. He seems to be the go to guy for going to get gas and diesel in town. He's also been great at helping with the power problems in the building. Sometimes the inverter and generator do not run well together and shorts keep happening within the electrical system so sometimes we don't have power or good water pressure.
I just want to say to all of you that are coming down to Haiti in the new year that when we have good water pressure and proper power that we really need to be thankful. It's a blessing and shouldn't be expected, just walk outside the compound walls and you will see that no other person around has these luxuries, so we really need to be sure we are thankful for what we have and not complain if something does happen. Be prepared to be stretched and taken out of your comfort zone during the time you are here. God will help you and be your strength while you are serving here. I really felt in my heart to write about this so I hope it's helpful.

I am so encouraged to watch the medical clinic continue to go up. They are almost finished phase 1 of the building. The workers are understanding the new design and Kathleen has really been encouraging and the driving force behind the progress, it's really awesome to see. Next week she will have more help as the Surrey Alliance team is coming and some of the guys will be working with her. I am sure lots more will get finished.
The Nowochin family (Charles, Nicole, Noah, and Anica) were a great encouragement to Chris and I while they were here. They are an awesome family and we admire the way Charles and Nicole have raised there children and care about each other. They were definitely an example to the church here and they helped out in a lot of ways. I hope they have a great trip home and that God continues to bless them for their faithfulness to his word.

Continue to pray for us as we all serve here.
~For the needed rest for all of us between the teams, for wisdom on making decisions for January and the new year.
~For God's leading and guiding in everything that is happening here.
~Thank Him for safety of all the workers and teams and the good health he is giving us. Praise the Lord for that!
~Also there are important elections coming up at the end of the month. The people need to vote wisely and this country needs a good government to come to power and help its' country.
~Also that the cholera would stop in Jesus name that no more lives would be lost and that it wouldn't spread any further.

Thank you for your prayers and for taking time to read this. God bless you all~
In His Service, Rebecca


  1. Rebecca & Chris,
    I am bringing a team down in January. We will do construction, plumbing, and I have 5 mid 20's young ladies that will probably work with the kids. Can you tell me about the progress that is done right now on the rebuilding effort. What tools would be needed for our team. I can be reached at if you can email.
    Thanks, Bob Brigham

  2. Hi Rebecca and Chris,
    Thanks for keeping your blog. I will get back to reading regularly now being home. It has been a hard adjustment this past week, just wrapping my head around the reality of being home. Wow, three months for you guys! Thank you for all that you did to make our two weeks run so smoothly. I know this is not an easy task. You guys are such an encouragement. Your faith, realness and passion are all such blessings. Rebecca, you are right, water and electricity should not be taken for granted. I am guilty of complaining a few times about this... you are so right, it is like a palace compared to how others live outside the compound walls. Thank you for your gentleness with us. All of the small things that you did and your patience did not go unnoticed. I hope you have been able to rest and are now ready for the next team who arrives today? Praying for you guys and sending much love, Amber