Monday, April 14, 2014

Here Safe~

Greetings, Here we are in Haiti wow, lots of emotions. It's quite the journey to get here 2 flights a night in Miami and another flight early in the morning. A wild ride from the airport and thank you God we are here. Reunited with a few familiar faces and thankful to God for bringing us back. Gabrielle was an amazing traveller and had a great first day exploring Haiti and loving all the animals every where. Feeling thankful tired and blessed. We will write more tomorrow and Lord willing get a few pictures on here for you. Blessings, Chris Rebecca Gaby Jen and Jon!


  1. Bonjou Chris, Becca and Gabby

    Glad to hear your travels went well. We are excited to hear what God has been doing in Haiti. You are in our prayers!
    Love Nowochins

  2. Hooray for arriving safely! Happy Easter week in Haiti,


  3. Wow, I love you posts. I have just read them. Will continue to pray for you all Love MOM