Friday, April 25, 2014

Haiti is Hot!

What a truthful title for a blog, but for the first time ever the heat is just draining me. The afternoons are tough to get through. Gabrielle gets an hour bath time under the mangoes each day and that is a refreshing time. Everyone loves to come and talk with her and watch her play, it's quite special. So the youth conference is in full swing. About 250 have been attending. I haven't been able to sit in on the preaching but a bit of the worship so that's been a blessing. Chris said the question and answer time has been great after each message. Especially today as it was on sexual purity. The young Haitians want to know more all the time about how they can stay pure and wait for marriage. Very encouraging! :) Tonight Chris is preaching at the Crusade in town and unfortunately I can't be there. Gaby needs mom here with her, that's actually been challenging for me to miss out on some ministry things. But I can have time to reflect and know that Gab is one of my first ministries, so tonight that's been a blessing. I am so thankful to be done updating the kids. I missed a few but it's because they didn't come to school this week so I am very thankful for what did happen. Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and then another crusade tomorrow night. It's busy on the campus all day long. I am just taking it all in as ladies are cooking, young guys are serving, people are always cleaning the yard. Kids are playing and the sound of preaching and worship comes from the church it's pretty amazing. I want Chris to blog tomorrow night so hopefully he does. Well good night from Haiti see you in a few days!

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