Saturday, April 19, 2014

Busy Relaxing Day

Hi Everyone, We had a great day today, Chris Jen and Jon went to the Grand Goave market to check out the sights. It was a learning experience and only one that needs to be done once. The heat and smells are hard to behold. Gab and I stayed back from some R&R. I had a great chat with an old friend and he was able to shed more light on Haitian culture. Then we had lunch and went to visit an orphanage called Hands and Feet. They have 27 children and are in the process of building permanent residences for the kids. It's a really new ministry and everything is temporary at the moment. They are doing great work, Haiti ARISE is doing something similar by helping orphans! On their sign is James 1:27 and we think that's being fulfilled. Then we went to the beach for a lovely swim and some relaxation. Gabrielle loves the water and sand, rocks etc. She is doing fantastic, praise God! Chris went to play bball with a few old friends and had a wonderfully sweaty time. We are looking forward to Easter Sunday service in the morning it starts at 8am. 7am for the Haitians as they have Sunday school first. Well good night from Haiti~


  1. Hey Guys

    It so great that you can rejoice in Haitian friends and fellowship. Becca you do an amazing job with the sponsorship program! Chris your love for Christ extends all borders and nationalities. We continue to pray for all three of you and cant wait to have a personal update.

    Love Nowochins

  2. So appreciate these updates, and knowing all is well with you and your efforts to support the ministry and renew relationships with your friends in Haiti. We also support you in prayer. May your Easter Sunday be especially blessed.
    Love M/D

  3. Just wanted to say hi guys! So glad your trip has been going well and you are experiencing some amazing things! We soooo look forward to hearing more stories of His amazingness when you get home. We are praying for you guys :) happy Easter and enjoy every moment in His amazing grace and His wonderful world :) let the VV's know their kids and family are doing so well and we are excited to hang with them this week. Missing you all :)
    Love Chris and Lisa