Monday, April 21, 2014

Lots Happening

So yesterday was an amazing day for us. Church, praising God together and celebrating Christ's resurrection. There was 3 singing groups that sang: men, women and the little girls club. They sing beautifully such a blessing for everyone. We had lunch then prepared to go to the Tapion children's church which was a high light for everyone. Roseline and Jhony are the very faithful servants who lead the kids every Sunday afternoon. They have the kids memorize scripture and songs and each Sunday they ask a few of them to share in front of the rest of the group. We sang some fun praise songs together and Jen and I shared the resurrection story on a flannel graph board. Then Chris and I had the privilege of praying for and encouraging the kids with a small word. I don't even know how to put into words how blessed I was to be there. Wow thank you Lord!! Then we went into town for a dinner out at the local restaurant Mondy's. Fried plantain and goat with a little bit of spicy coleslaw, very good. A little walk thru town and we were all pretty done for the day. Today Jon got to help form up the roof at the welding shop. Tomorrow they are going to pour the roof and it's going to be a 40 man job all by hand with 2 small cement mixers and lots of buckets. It's going to be an experience for him, and Chris is definitely going to help too. I think Jen and I will stick to working with the kids in the morning. :) Sponsorship updating is going pretty well, have lots to do over the next 5 days and Lord willing it'll all get done. Pray for that please. Today was pretty relaxing, Chris is busy preparing for preaching this week I think he's going to preach maybe five times in the next 6 days. So pray for him for that. He's super excited to share at the youth conference. This afternoon he was invited to preach at the boys club in the church too. Boys ages 10-15. I hung out with Gaby today gave her a bath under the mango trees. Lots of fun watching her explore the world around her. Hopefully the snow is all gone once we're back and then we can be outside which she's loving. Well I think that's all for today. Lots happening and going on, God is good keeping us safe healthy and relaxed. Praise Him! Sorry if this has some grammar and spelling mistakes. I sorta wrote it quickly.

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