Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last thoughts

Well I'm sitting on the roof of the guest house tonight listening to the crusade worship from afar. Gab and I and security guards are the only ones around tonight. It's really refreshing to sit here and relax and think about our time here. Tomorrow we are travelling home and it's a long day so if any of you see this please pray for us. We start the day at 5am and won't be home in Innisfail until probably midnight. Today was a blessed day, church this morning and out for lunch then to the beach. I think all of us were quite thankful for the R&R as the last 3 days were full and intense. Lots of preaching and questions and lots of God working in lives, ours and the Haitians. I am always so encouraged to see how faithful the young people are in the church, They are the worship leaders the childrens pastors and ushers. It's just inspiring to see their maturity. Of course like any church it's not without it's problems and sometimes that's tough to hear about but we are all fallen and no one is perfect but we keep on striving! I just realized my battery is about to die so I have to sign off here. Thanks for reading I know we didn\t write lots of blogs but I hope you got a little glimpse of how are time was in Haiti. If you really want to know more about our trip please ask and Chris and I would be happy to set up a time to meet and talk about it. God bless you and good night~


  1. Our prayers are certainly with you and so look forward to seeing you again and hearing about your time in Haiti.
    Doug (Grandpa) Girvan

  2. Loved reading along! Thanks for writing. :o)