Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few pictures and thoughts~

Well today was Jen and Jon's last day in Haiti. They are on their way to Ft.Lauderdale in the morning for some debrief time before they land in Canada Friday. Jen and I updated about 50 kids today and it went really smooth, praise God. The pics below are of the beach we visited and swam at a couple times. The next one is the way a cement roof gets poured Haitian style. Lastly is all the elementary school kids singing their national anthem and raising the flag. They do it each day. Tonight at church Chris had the opportunity to preach, and it was well received and a blessing for all Haitians and Canadians! Tomorrow will be a quiet day on the compound as the team is leaving. But lots is going on to prepare for the youth conference and crusades that will be happening Thursday to Sunday. Please pray that the people who speak will be used by God to share the gospel and to encourage believers. Also pray for the hearts of the young people that are coming to take part in the conference. God is going to do great things, we can feel it AMEN? :)


  1. Now that is a beautiful beach. I bet Gabrielle likes the water. Glad to hear that she travelled good and is loving it in Haiti as much as you. Chris will be a great speaker as he always is. Love MOM

  2. The pics make me wanna be there with you!