Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winding down~

Well here we are in the midst of a busy medical clinic. For Chris and I its been fairly relaxed. We make photocopies and take care of the logistics of the team being here but for the most part they do what doctors and nurses do. :)
We always appreciate seeing the people of this community served in this way.
Since Chris and I are not so busy we've taken the time to visit some of the families of the houses that are being built. Yesterday, seeing Christoph's (Haiti Arises gardener) children hauling rebar and helping contribute to their new home was exciting to me.
The people receiving these homes are so grateful and you can see it in their faces and body language. Then today we went to visit a lady in the church (Madame Voltaire)who has 8 children and is receiving a home. Her daughters were so excited to have us in their home, I only see them at church or for childrens' program. They live in a more remote area of Grand Goave quite far off the main road. They don't have any power so at night when it's dark it's dark. We went for a walk with them to get water from the well. It took about 10 minutes. Again I am reminded of the many blessings we have even here at the Haiti Arise building. It's incredible to have running water and power. Wow I am so thankful.

We've also started packing up our office this week, which is a little sad. Chris has the opportunity to preach on this last Sunday in Haiti for us. We have a lot of 'lasts' coming up but that's all part of leaving.
Well I can't think of any more news at the moment. So that's it I guess. Thanks for reading, not sure how many more posts there will be. Incredible that this part of our journey in Haiti is almost finished.
Oh please continue to pray for a resolution at the childrens home property. I have nothing to report except that Marc has sent letters to deputies, mayors and others asking them to get around to resolving this issue. Also for all the sick people that are coming into the clinic. Some with really bad situations. For Chris and I as we prepare to leave and our future.
Thanks :)

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