Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News for May 18th.

Good afternoon from Haiti Arise. Thought I would take a few moments to update life here at the compound. We had a busy morning with the elementary school kids. We had a mini kids market for them, Lisa and I had saved a whole bunch of things (like school supplies, toys, games etc...) to sell. It was great we pretty much sold everything. Actually I can not believe that all of the clothing and stuff from the containers is all gone, praise God. I know our church and community was really blessed by all the markets we had here.
We have found that having markets and charging a little money for things is better than just handing it out. People can choose what they want and they also value it more as they have to pay for it.
It's been a good experience for me to witness the different ways we bless the people here. I have learned a lot and can see what helps and what doesn't help and also what is just plain needed. I don't claim to have it all figured out by any means (I have so much more to learn) but I have some insight now by being here this long.
I am excited to read a book called, "When Helping Hurts, How to alleviate poverty with out hurting the poor or yourself" By Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.

As our time shortens here there seems to be a different feeling about. We've noticed some people backing off a bit and keeping distance. It isn't nice but I guess that's how they can best deal with us leaving. It's going to be so hard to leave so please pray for us we prepare and say our goodbyes. Chris and I have been talking and planning for the future. That is our biggest prayer request, we have lots of ideas but no decisions have been made yet.
As I am writing this our last team is arriving in PAP. It's another medical team. They will be here for 2 weeks to serve the community. I am always blessed to see the Haitian people helped in this way.
This morning Chris had the opportunity to play bball on a 1/4 of a regular size court. A foreign aid group that fixes water wells is also building a bball court nearby one of their wells. Though the court is barely finished it is being used everyday all the time. He started playing bball at 7 am and came back at 11:30am very tired but blessed. He said it was a great experience just being with all the Haitian guys, something not many others are able to experience.
Another good adventure we had was on Monday. Marc and Lisa took us up to a place called Value, in the mountains. It's 5km from the main road but takes about 1/2 hour to actually get to the top. We had lunch at the hotel/restaurant they have up there and were able to go on a hike as well. It's a totally different life for people who live in the mountains, much more simple than people in town. (And I think their lives are simple.) It was nice to share some time with Marc and Lisa and get to see another part of Haiti.
I am really happy the kids are back in school now, it's seems to be a bit more 'normal' in Grand Goave. We can thank God for that answer to prayer.
Well that's all for today. Thanks for reading~

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