Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No news is good news~

Well it has been really quiet these days after our eventful week. Actually the days following the 'event' were really strange. There was (and still is) no school and no work was being done at all on the property. Chris and I were the only ones here most of the time. Sort of lonely and waaaay too quiet. But now that has all changed as the Briercrest team arrived yesterday.
Right now I am sitting at the table with Miesha, Asher, Jasmine and Lisa. We are all doing homework together :) I guess I consider writing the blog my homework.
Yesterday Marc also arrived as did a couple of guys from Red Deer to help continue the work at the tech school. Albert and Dan are here for 12 days to help pour the rest of the columns.
This morning the team is collecting all the mangos from the work sites. It's nice to hear the drone of the cement mixer going again too.
As for the wall situation. Marc said the mayor called him while he was in Canada. He had tried to meet with the 'bad' guys to come to a resolve but nothing came of it. The guys dont care about the community and what Haiti Arise is trying to do for them. So Marc and the mayor continue to be in contact and a decision is being made and something will happen but we don't know when or how. Luckily the Lord knows and we will continue to pray for a resolution soon.
Well that's all for today. Thanks for your prayers, blessings to you all~

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