Friday, May 13, 2011

Picture Blog~

Here Chris and a few others are helping unload the container. I should have been putting up pics all along but the few times I tried this past year it failed and I just gave up. But in these last 3 weeks I hope to get some good ones up!

This is one of our full mango trees ready to bless us with its wonderful fruit.

This pic is was given to me by a team member. Often Chris and I stroll the beach!

Volleyball camp at Haiti Arise compound.

Young guys listening to a member of the team share their testimony at bball camp.


  1. Wonderful to see pictures, Becca. Keep 'em coming! (Love the one of the kittens . . . )
    That mango tree looks like it could support a mango company on it's own!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures Rebecca! Sure miss you guys....think of you & Chris often :) Keeping you on my prayers as your time at Haiti Arise draws to a close Hugs :) Delynne