Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing Sports in GG.

Well it's been a fun filled few days. The team that is here from Briercrest is doing bball and vball camps for youth and young adults. (I posted the link to their blog on the right) It's been a different dynamic having a team of all college age students. I definitely believe they are being challenged and it's good.
Last week they held a bball clinic for 3 days in Grand Goave at the Catholic school court yard. The school has some good hoops and the young people that came out had a great time. Yesterday and today they are teaching volleyball to the youth of our church here at the compound and everyone is just loving it. Lots of smiles all around. :)
On Sunday we went up to Tapion and partcipated in the church service and handed out rice to all the kids. After the service we went to pray with a family of 11 children who just lost their mother to cancer. It was very sombre, I mean what can you say.... really? But prayer was good and Haiti Arise is working on having all of the children sponsored so that in September they can all go to school.
On another note Eldon and his friend Dave just arrived here to help put the plumbing in the clinic. It's really encouraging to see the work projects here continue. The tech school and clinc site are buzzing with activity. Still no word about the childrens village property so we are leaving it alone for now.
Unfortunately there still hasn't been school in Grand Goave.
Some of the students we know from church are concerned they won't be able to graduate this year because it's already been 6 weeks that schools are closed.
So please pray that all these election woes will soon be resolved and then the children can return to school.
Well time is ticking away soon we will have our last team here and then Chris and I will have to say see you later or see you in a while because good byes are not fun and I don't like to think that I won't come back here ever again...
We have a medical team coming next week Wednesday so looking forward to serving the community in that way again too.
Well that's all for today~

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  1. Hey Rebecca and Chris!
    Sounds like your week was fun! You came to mind yesterday and we are praying for your transition back to Canada! Only the Lord knows what He has planned for you, but with hearts as willing as yours, we know you'll be exactly where He wants you to be! We hope to see you this summer. God bless you both!
    Love Tania and Steve