Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rainy last days~

Well here we are 3 more sleeps till we leave. It's a mix of emotions that we can't really express. Saying goodbye is hard, everyone wants to know when you are coming back and we don't know. All we can say is if God wills it. Chris is having his last English class with the young guys right now. Like I said in the previous blog it's lots of lasts. The weather has been really strange, so overcast and lots of rain showers. We haven't seen the sun in a few days. Very different because I've seen the sun pretty much everyday since we got here.
The medical team left today. I posted their blog site on the right it's called HFL Blog. If you read that you will find out what they all experienced and the patients and different cases they dealt with. I think the most difficult case for everyone was a woman who was brought in having seizures. I guess she had pre-eclampsia with her baby and was now very sick. Her baby however was very healthy. They had to take her to the hospital right away or else there would have been no hope. She survived and came back about 5 days later with the baby, who was now sick. I will let the team tell it from here:
She (the baby) was dehydrated with a sunken fontanel eyes wide open and too weak even to cry. Her breathing was such a struggle for her as if she could barely have the strength to take air in. Angela was able to get 60 mls of formula in to babe but it was so hard to understand how this could have happened. A thriving babe last Friday and now so ill. Mum left with babe to go to a midwife who she said would remove a blood vessel from under her heart which was causing the problem. We only can pray for this little one and keep her and her mum in our hearts. There were tears shed over this babe and shock at how changed the situation was.

Chris and I haven't been doing too much, we shared our goodbyes with the church on Sunday and I also went and shared at Tapion church for the last time. Such a joy to see all the children come to church even in the rain. We've just been taking walks, packing and spending time with all the Haiti Arise staff. It's a bit awkward but I am beginning to like awkward more and more. :)
I hope I have more to say tomorrow or Friday. Until then.....

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  1. Hey Chris & Rebecca....thinking about you as you spend your last few days at Haiti Arise! You will be missed as I could see what a blessing you have been to the people of Grand Goave...they love you!
    Hope to contact you this summer once your are home :)
    Delynne (Link 2011 team)