Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lavi okipe. (life is busy)

Bonjou from Haiti.

Here we are days away from October and I can't believe it. My mom was right in saying that as you get older life only goes faster. Also another reason why the Bible mentions our life as a vapor.
It seems as though the pace of life has quickened here in Haiti as we look forward to the next few weeks. Teams are going to be coming down and next Tuesday the elementary school will be starting. Which means there is going to be a lot of commotion on the Haiti Arise compound. I am looking forward to it, more challenges and things to help with.

Last Friday there was a big wind/rain storm in Port Au Prince and a few people died. Here in Grand Goave we had a bit of wind and lots of rain. We were actually in PAP that morning getting supplies for the tent but thankfully we left in time to miss that storm. Sometimes I think it's not fair that the Haitian people always have to deal with bad weather this time of year. There always seems to be some sort of adversity that they are facing just to survive everyday life. That's especially why they need Christ, to give them hope and comfort.

So finding things in PAP was an interesting experience the first hard ware store we went into was guarded by a guy with a shot gun but there wasn't much in the store. Then we went a different hardware store where were surprised to see it full and stocked like an American store. We found what we needed but were shocked when we heard the cost. It was about 3 or 4 times more than what you'd pay in Canada. The only people who could shop here would be NGO's or rich Haitian people. So we are pretty sure that was an American Store. There is no way the average Haitian person could shop there. So that was quite surprising.

The reason we needed supplies was for the large vinyl tent that went down on the property a few weeks ago. It's going to be cleaned, ropes repaired, and put back up sometime later this week. Along with those preparations we needed to clear a new site on the property for the tent. How are we going to do that you wonder, well there is this amazing tool called a machete. Christoph (the gardener) and Chris went to work hacking and wow it was a hot experience. I helped wheelbarrow away all the piles of grass and brush. It's amazing how much energy that sun takes out of you. It's intense but I am happy to report that as of today the site is cleared and ready!

Today is definitely the coolest day we've experienced since being here. We are actually a bit chilly if you can believe that. But Chris and I have noticed that we have become quite climatized. We don't turn on the air conditioning at night and the shower is 'more' refreshing than usual. I am thankful for this because it makes the heat way more easy to manage and we have more energy.

A few prayer requests:
~ there are a few small projects that need wisdom and strength to get them done.
~ grace and patience for learning Kreyol and an attitude of service.
~ for the leaders here and the people that serve, hearts need to be encouraged.
~ Marc and Lisa and their family, they need our prayers as they travel around the US.

Thanks for reading today. May God be with you!

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