Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bondje beni ou!

Dear faithful blog readers!
Today is a cloudy day for a change. It's still just as hot though, too bad. :) I probably should tell you what the title of this blog means. It's 'God bless you' in Kreyol. We are still studying Kreyol everyday. It's neat to see the improvements and hear a few compliments from the Haitian people. I think that's what keeps me motivated is their appreciation and encouragement.
This week has been really busy around the compound. There is a new group of guys working on the elementary school. So between the tech school, wall building, and now the elementary school there's a lot more noise and people around the property.
Yesterday we experienced our first after shock from the earth quake. It was a bit scary and really different, hard to put into words. Then this morning there was another little shake. Apparently after shocks can continue up to a year after the initial quake. So now I am a bit more prepared (hopefully) for the next ones.
Chris and I have been able to get to know a lot more of the staff here at Haiti Arise. It's been good and a challenge as it forces us to communicate in Kreyol, but we are finding that's the best way to learn.
I am looking to start a young women's (19-30) Bible study on the women in the Bible. I am praying for a translator at the moment and a time when it will work out. Please pray for me as I go about this, I am nervous and excited at the possibilities this could bring. Chris will be leading his again on Friday and he and a few of the Haitian guys we know are going out to evangelize and bring encouragement to those who live close by tomorrow.
There is quite a few things to be done around the building so I am filling my time with tasks that will help the administrative side of things. Also sometime later today we are going to go with Sterling (director of the the school) and promote our English classes. We still need more students so that we can get started. Patience is truly a virtue. :) Chris has been able to help with building and is just such an encouragement to the guys. It's really great to see.
Church services continue to bless us. Even though we don't always know what's being sung we can feel the presence of the Lord and we know that these people are truly worshipping the Lord. I am so thankful to be here, to learn so much and to be as much help as I can. I am continually being taught that I can not be a help here by myself or on my own strength I need Christs' strength and grace each and every day. I want to leave you with this verse that gave peace to my heart this morning.
Titus 3:5 'he saved us not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy!
Thanks for reading today,

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  1. Hey Chris are you getting a bunch of the basketball guys to come out to your Bible study??