Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's my turn to write - Becca said so.

Greetings family and friends.

We have almost been in Haiti for a month at this point (time truly flys). I believe we are getting accustomed to the heat but I am definitely not okay with the mosquitoes. I think my annoyance of those little bugs started in Korea and is continuing to grow here in Haiti.

Our days seem to be going by fast and we hopefully are making the most of it. We are both spending a lot of time studying Creole and talking with various people around the compound. I believe I am getting better at speaking but really have a hard time hearing (Pray for the Lord to open my ears. We will start teaching an English class this Saturday which we are both excited to do. I have just recently started to teach a few people English these last couple of days. So as we wait for the official classes to start I have fun teaching individuals.
Becca has been putting in lots of time doing inventory around the compound and has many lists and things in order. We hope this will be a help to the teams and workers here.
I am not as thrilled about doing inventory as Becca. So when I'm not helping out, I am working on a Bible study that I teach on Friday nights. We are starting in Genesis and I hope to go through a lot of the major stories and promises found in the Old Testament. Needless to say I have a lot of information to cover which is great. I realized though, after the first study, that few actually have complete bibles, most just have the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Please pray with me so that we can get some Creole Bibles. I contacted the Canadian Bible society but they are all out after sending down over 20,000. So I just sent an email to the Haiti Bible society. God will surely provide! It is just not clear in what avenue at the moment.

Last night we had one of those moments where you realize not only are we living in Haiti but also a reminder of the times. We went to play basketball at a local mission (Life-Line). Upon entering their property we found a large, loud crowd. It turns out yesterday was food distribution day put on by Samartians Purse. As we walked past the one huge crowd we made our way to the basketball court and found another large one. There were people everywhere, motorcycles flying by, little arguments taking place, and lots of food being distributed. I was a bit shook at our surroundings. We started shooting around while dodging various motorcycles, and people with wheelbarrows full of wheat (I think) running through our court. We actually played a number of games in this atmosphere. Before driving to the basket, I would have to take a look behind me and in front to check for motorcycles. At one point a wheelbarrow ran into me. I can honestly say that was the most epic and memorable games of basketball I have played :).

So we are doing well and continuing to find ways to serve God, Haiti Arise, and the people here. Praise the Lord for good health, good fellowship, and always good food as well. Oh God is good!

To finish I was just like to relay what an older Haitian man told us concerning the day of the earthquake. He said "everyone was speaking the same language, all you could hear was JESUS! Everyone was calling on His name." Please continue to pray for Haiti at this time in their history. I am reminded of something I read in Isaiah that speaks about when Jesus first came to earth but also about this time as well. "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." (Isaiah 9:2).

May the Light of Jesus shine ever increasing here in Haiti and I pray in your heart as well.
God Bless.
Chris (I wrote it) and Rebecca (she made me write it and corrected my spelling and grammar :) Girvan.

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