Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A year later in Grand Goave

Greetings from Haiti. Well it's going to be hard to put into words what has happened here in the last week. It's been a really good and busy time.
Last Wed to Sun we had crusades in the evenings. They took place downtown by the park (if your familiar with the town).

Chris had went to the same area in early October for the celebration of Grand Goave's birthday. The atmosphere at that time was a big party, drinking and dancing. So this last week it was a blessing to see over a few thousand people singing praises and dancing for the Lord. And then we very encouraged by the preaching that took place as well. There were pastors from Canada (Pastor Ed,Leduc and Pastor Russ, Saskatoon), and many from the surrounding area of Grand Goave. So each day we did our various tasks and jobs around the compound and then went to the crusades at night. Haitians know how to worship God, it's really neat to experience and be a part of it.
The picture on the blog is from the Sunday March around the town. It was a cool experience marching for Christ. :) The other picture is of the girls who helped serve for all the meals during the seminars. From Mon to Wed (today) we had the leaders of Grand Goave and churches in the area come together for the seminars. Topics from how earthquakes happen, basic health care, spiritual leadership and building were all addressed. Pastor Marc says it was a big success and the people were really appreciative.
I was also so encouraged to see all the people from church come and serve by cooking, hosting, leading worship and taking care of technical details. Everyone serving with their gifting.
There was a memorial service in the park at 2:30 today and they laid flowers, had a minute of silence, and lots of prayer. I think it's really good for the people to get some more closure from what happened last year and to continue moving on.
Tomorrow we have our first team of 2011 coming from California. As for what they will be up to I will have to let you know that next week.
I am so thankful to be in Haiti at this time. It's been a huge blessing for us and I can only hope and pray God is using Chris and I to be a blessing too.
I hope that shows you what's been happening in a nut shell. If there are any question please post them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading~ Rebecca and Chris

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