Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in Haiti~

Well here we are back home. That is what it seems like to us since presently this is actually our home. It's good to be back. Happy New Year by the way. We definitely had a great New Years party here on the compound lots of good food, praising the Lord and bringing in the New Year with hugs and prayer. We've had a quiet week up until now just getting back into the swing of things with meetings and planning. There is lots happening in this new year. David and Beth from Moose Jaw are here with us helping out for 3 months. It's good to have them here for a longer time and Chris and I are excited to be serving with them.
We are in the middle some exciting times in preparation for the anniversary of the earthquake on January 12th. For the next 3 days there will be crusade meetings at the park in Grand Goave and prayer meetings in the morning. Next Monday and Tuesday there will be seminars held for church and community leaders about why earth quakes happen. (geologist is coming to speak) Also on health care, construction and sharing of the gospel. Then on Wednesday there will be a memorial service to remember those who lost their lives in the earthquake and help bring closure for those who are still grieving.
So there is lots to plan and prepare for. Then next week Wednesday we will have our first team of the year. They are coming from California.
Miesha, Asher and Jasmine have started going to school here at Haiti Arise. It's neat to see them playing with the other kids and in class.
Well I think we are off to the first crusade in a few minutes. Pray for the people of Haiti and Grand Goave that God would touch them and save many during this week.
God Bless

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