Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another beautiful day in Haiti.

We are half way through another work week here at Haiti Arise. Building projects are on the go, the elementary is in session, and the computer classes seem to be happening all the time (yesterday there was 3 different classes).

A new team arrived on Tuesday and they are busy putting in work in various places. They are from CrossRoads Church in Red Deer Alberta. Yesterday we were busy sifting sand and helping some guys who were parging the walls of an almost finished home. Others were helping prepare lumber for building forms for the roof of another home. Rebecca was teaching some English to the elementary students and getting them all hyped by blowing bubbles at recess. In the afternoon I met with a few young men from the church and helped them with their conversational English. It is a great time of fellowship and getting to know each other more.

This afternoon we will heading out to visit people in their homes and pray with them. And then we will have our Thursday night prayer service. So never a dull moment here at Haiti Arise.

We were encouraged by Jim from Father's House Church in California (I forget the city), to blog more often and just share our thoughts and lives more. Thanks for that encouragement, God willing we will blog a little more. And by 'we' I mean me because Rebecca is great at writing where I usually never do.

As I return to the various jobs going on here, I just want people to know that God is using Haiti Arise to make a difference. People are being strengthened in the church and growing stronger through Sunday school classes that are just starting. Houses are being built for those who lost them in the earthquake. Many young children are receiving an education here. The technical school will soon start to be rebuilt, providing useful education for people in the surrounding areas. They can learn skills that can create/or help them get jobs. The medical clinic is almost ready for the roof to be poured and many other things are going on. I just want people to know that despite what they hear on the news and despite the lack of government. Changes are being made, people are moving forward and God's kingdom continues to expand and be strengthened here!

God Bless.
I better head back to it all.
Please continue to keep this ministry and us in your prayers.

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