Saturday, January 22, 2011

A week of good times~

Bonswa from Haiti Arise~ I just finished teaching my Saturday morning English class and thought it would be good to take some time to write a blog. We had a really great and busy week with a team from California. They were great group, very willing to serve in any way or area that we suggested or needed attention.
My favorite part of the week was the VBS program they had for the kids in the afternoons. The first day was organized chaos but after each day we met and discussed what we could improve on and how we could keep better control. So if any of you reading my blog are planning on working with the kids or having a VBS program at Haiti Arise I am yours to plan and prep with. :) We did crafts, snack time and a puppet show with lots of singing. The kids really love to sing and can get really into songs with actions. A lot of the children's songs we sing in Canada the kids know in Creole. We also did face painting one day and they loved it. All the boys wanted beards and mustaches. The girls enjoyed flowers and hearts.
I really enjoy working with the children. I am especially getting to know the elementary school kids since I've started teaching English in each class once a week for 30 minutes. They don't know any English, most can't even say hello properly. So I get to start at the beginning and teach ABC. Marc is really keen on having me teach because he wants the children to learn to not say "you, you" or "blanc, blanc" when they see a white person/foreigner, but rather hello.

We had a lot of opportunities to walk about in the community to pray and share Christ with different families. We met a lady dying of a heart condition and the team went almost everyday to pray for her. She did pass away Thursday night but went home to be with our Lord. We met a 17 year old girl with a baby who wanted to be converted and who now is coming to church and I have a had the privilege of praying with her and encouraging her. So please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and Grand Goave as Christ is working here and touching lives. We need Him everyday and every hour.

Chris had to opportunity to preach in church again last Sunday. It was well received and really timely as the message was on quiet time seeking God in prayer by following Christ's example. Christians in Haiti really need to seek God in prayer especially with the elections coming again in a month or so. Chris really enjoys the opportunities he gets to preach and the Bible study through Genesis that he faithfully teaches each Friday night.
Construction and building projects are going forward. The technical school foundation was dug out this past week by a crew of 20 Haitian guys with Chris and Dave jumping in the odd afternoon. The bob cat wasn't working for a few weeks but one of the guys on the team was able to fix it so the building of the wall around the childrens village property got started again. Also the homes for people in the community are being built. There is lots of progress. This morning the guys poured the roof on Madanm Luc's new home. There are 3 homes being built at the moment and it's going really well. We are excited to see all the projects going and thank God for what He's doing through Haiti Arise and all the supporters.
Wow that was a lot of information. I am pretty sure you are all caught up though.
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


  1. Hey Rebecca,

    Thank you so much for all you did for us when we were there. You and Chris are truly amazing people and God is going to bless you both beyond measure.

    One other thing, thanks for the update on Rosemond, she's really been on my heart this whole time and now I know I can let her go and thank God for relieving her pain.


  2. Do you need puppets? I have some that you can have. Let me know.
    Sharon Tracy