Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hello from my office. I finally have some time to sit in here and report a few things from the last few days. The Crossroads team left yesterday morning bright and early. I can not believe how quickly their trip went. Wow, 10 days almost doesn't seem long enough. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the people. I was encouraged by them and how flexible they were when what they had planned to do often was changed everyday.
They were able to make some more playground equipment for the school. It looks really great and the kids are loving it. They also painted primer on the school and finished the school office by painting and moving in all the supplies from the main building.
On Thursday we had a baptism service for the church. What an absolute blessing to hear 20 people confess faith in Christ and proclaim what He's done in their lives. Two of the Crossroads team members were also baptized. It was such a great experience. Memorable and unforgettable I am sure.
We also did some finger painting with the 2 younger classes in the school. It was a lot of fun I am sure most of them had never done that before. Some of the really little kids were actually scared of us. I had one little girl come up to me and say that her sister was scared of the blan moun. (white people)
I think by after recess most of the children were warmed up to us as we couldn't get them to stop clinging onto our legs and asking to be picked up. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the children. I hope to be able to come in and teach some English is the new year
So next week there is going to be a medical team from Cranbrook BC here. I look forward to this different experience and everything it will bring. I am sure it will be busy but really fulfilling in serving all of these sick people.
Please pray for protection on all of us here as a lot of sick people will be coming in and out of the building. Also for great endurance to serve well and be a great witness to the people on the medical team. As far as I know some of them do not know Christ. We need God's strength everyday and every hour. I have a head cold at the moment and would like prayer for healing. I don't want to already be sick when we will be ministering to all these people next week.
The reason I called this blog resting is because that's what we are all doing for the next few days. Recharging our batteries to be able to serve to the best of our abilities.
Last night we had a movie night with everyone who is still here. Marc, Lisa and family, Kathleen and the Nowochin family. All of whom I mentioned in my last blog. It was fun and relaxing we ate popcorn and drank chai tea. Good times on a Friday night at Haiti Arise.
Well I think that's all for now.
Thanks for your prayers and faithfulness in reading and following our blog.

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  1. Our trip home went well. But it sure is difficult to get back to the old routine. I would like to come back there as soon as possible but Im sure it wont be too soon. Ill pray for you to get better quickly. I know you both will be great with the medical team. take care! Venta