Saturday, October 23, 2010

The long awaited...

Too many things have happened and are happening since I last blogged. Please forgive me we have been so busy since the teams have arrived. It's been great and we are excited to have new people here and be helping them serve. It's also great to have our wonderful leaders Marc and Lisa back. It's been awesome catching up and sharing prayers together.
Today the construction team left, there were here for ten days with the goal of getting one section of the medical center up and train a team of Haitian guys to continue the process. They succeeded but, not without trials and frustrations. I believe they learned a lot out of the experience. It's amazing how God teaches everyone patience when they come to Haiti. It's just something that we need more of. (me included)

There is a also lady here named Kathleen who is an architect. She is here until Christmas to over see the building projects on the compound. It will be great to have her bring continuity to the projects and the building teams that come in.
The Crossroads team has been fitting in well. They have a few projects on the go. Painting the elementary school and also building more playground equipment. They've really enjoyed the beach afternoons, but seriously who doesn't. :)
It is such a change for Chris and I having all these people here. I am thankful for it and we are learning lots from everyone.
I also want to mention the Nowochin family that is staying here with us in Haiti for the next 4 weeks. They are planning on helping in the elementary school and with some of the construction. They have two kids that Miesha and Asher are having lots of fun playing with.

Last week Sunday we went to the children's church in Tapion. It really was a blessing and such a joyful experience seeing all those children recite Bible verses and sing praise songs.
I shared my testimony with them ad Chris gave an encouraging word and prayer. Tomorrow we will go back with the team and minister to them again. God is doing good things amidst the suffering.
I know some of you may be concerned about the cholera break out. So far nothing has come to Grand Goave. We just need to be cautious. Continually washing our hands often, drinking only water from the compound (or bottled). If you are healthy and strong the disease won't really harm you too much. It's treatable with Gatorade and rehydration salts. The reason it's spreading fast in Haiti is the poor sanitation and lack of health care. But, please pray for us and the people here. I can't understand why the Haitians continue to experience trial after trial. But, God is good and in control and we can have hope in that.
I will end here.~

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