Saturday, March 5, 2011

When you eat chocolate too late in the evening.....

Good Early morning from Haiti. So it's midnight right now and I can not sleep. Why, well I already mentioned that in my title. But my thanks goes to Chris' parents who sent along the treats with someone who just arrived today. Ha, well it leaves me some time to think and to blog about the past while. Before I get into everything I just want to mention that Chris is starting to feel better. So thank you for your prayers.
On Wednesday Chris, Beth, David, James (their son) and I took a trip to Jacmel. It was time for a short break away from all the activity. We went up to Bassan Bleu the waterfall I mentioned back in December. We spent an hour and a half swimming and diving off the rocks. Then we checked into the Cap Lamondou Hotel in Jacmel and laid out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. The whole trip was very relaxing and such a blessing to be away for a night. The hotel was very nice and I recommend it to anyone wanting to check out Jacmel for a night or two.

Right now in Haiti there is a celebration called Carnival happening. It's basically an excuse to party and have a good time in the streets. There is lots of dancing, different music groups performing and people wearing masks. It's not something that Christians participate in because of its' history, being that the mask would hide your face so you could be free to do things you wouldn't normally do because you are somewhat hidden. You have a 'mask' on. I could speak a lot more about that but I think you get the idea. So also because of this holiday the children have 3 days off school this week.

Talking about the school children, on Fridays Lisa and I have started doing a sports class with the children. Mostly just follow the leader exercises in a circle but it's fun and the kids really enjoy it. Teaching English is going well the kids are learning and I like being able to ask them how they are and getting a response back in English. My goals are to have them knowing the alphabet, numbers 1-10 and colors by the time I leave Haiti.
Our Saturday adult classes are going great as well. I've started getting my students to listen to songs and try to pick out some lyrics. I like to use music from Hillsong because a lot of their words are repetitive and that's helpful for learning.
Something I am excited about on the construction side of things is that the technical school foundation has started to be poured. Also that things with the wall at the children's' village property have calmed down and are moving forward. It's a blessing for people like Roy (the engineer) and Kathleen (the architect) to be here spear heading these projects. I have seen so much progress and am excited about all the building.
The nurse/clinic team arrived today which means we are going to have medical clinic here for the next 10 days. Tickets have been handed out and people are anxious to come and see the doctor. This is a great and necessary part of what Haiti Arise is doing and is going to continually do in the future. I am happy to be helping out in whatever way I can. I am by no means a trained nurse but sometimes the people here must think I am because they come to me with all kinds of cuts, headaches, stomach aches, you name it. :)
We also had 3 other people arrive today, not part of the medical team. One of them is Jessie she is the Haiti Arise accountant. Her daughter is also here to do a program with 2 of the elementary school classes, and also a friend of theirs. So it looks like there is a busy week coming up.
Please pray for the health of the nurses as they will be seeing lots of sick people everyday. Also for strength and wisdom for each day as all of us serve here. Long term and short term missionaries.
Well I think that's all for tonight. Gods' gracious and merciful blessings on all of you.
love Rebecca

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  1. Great to hear guys! Keep up the work. You're in thought and prayers. God bless,

    - Cruik