Monday, March 28, 2011

Tet Chage - means lots going on in the mind.

Greetings family, friends and whoever else reads this blog.

Big suprise, we have been a little busy these days at Haiti Arise. Good news, the containers have finally come and now we are in the midst of organizing the 'goods.' The first container was shipped in two trucks to the property here. I will try to paint a picture of what that day was like:

As the two trucks arrived, many other things were happening at the time as well. There was a Bible class in session, a VBS with over a hundred kids running around, construction on the technical school and maybe something else that skips my mind. This was last Wednesday, and we had also finished a cement pour on the medical clinic at lunch (one more pour to go and the roof is finished there).
So needless to say there was a lot going when we had to figure where to put all the stuff. We ended making huge piles of boxes on a make shift platform and cleared the trucks as quick as possible.

The next day we were met with the other container sent from Red Deer, Alberta. This was a 40 foot container that we had to empty before we could drop it anywhere. It came about 3 in the afternoon. So we had a big group of workers (Canadians and Haitians) emptying it for a good 3 or more hours. As we were emptying it I (Chris) worked beside a young man (Eli) who was reminiscing with me about when I taught him basketball about 3 years earlier, kinda cool. After emptying the container the real fun part was getting it off the truck's trailer. Any guesses on how they do that in Haiti? They tie it to a tree and drive away haha. So we had our expert bobcat driver Dave Dale litfing up the container so they could stick some wood underneath to free the container. It took a litte while but eventually the truck drove away and left the container with a bang, as many of us looked on in amazement. It was quite a sight to behold :).

The timing of the container was really God's grace as we have two teams here at the moment who have been great at helping to organize and sort throught it all. Both teams have been great at serving in this area, and I imagine we will be sorting through it for sometime, though I believe we are having a market here today and maybe tomorrow to help distribute some of the items.

Funny side note on Thursday night both containers had been emptied on the ground and we had not had time to find shelter for them. It has not really rained here in the past 3 months maybe 2-3 times, it is incredibly dry. But as we were sitting around that night playing cards, what do we hear, but the start of rain. We all frantically ran outside and covered it all with tarps and even used the plastic table cloths as well. God has a sense of humor I am certain about that.

Note to everyone, snowboard boots and ski pants are not needed in Haiti - may we all use a little more discernment in sending things down.

Today is also a sad day as Dave and Beth our good friends and fellow workers left today returning back to Canada. They were great examples to us and were a real encouragment to Rebecca and myself. It is hard to see them go, but we are thankful for the chance to get to know them and serve alongside of them. You have to wonder who will God send next? Is God tugging on your heart to and come serve for a few months or more? I have to say taking a leap of faith and coming down here hasn't been easy, but we have seen blessing upon blessing. It is always good to be in God's will.

Until the next time we have a moment to spare. God bless.
In His Service,
Chris and Rebecca Girvan.

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  1. Haa, Chris you're hilarious man, "Ski pants and snowboard boots?" haaa!

    Thanks for the updates guys. I love hearing whats happening. God bless in you endeavors.

    - Cruik