Thursday, March 10, 2011

Medical team news~

Hello and once again here I am in the middle of the night writing a blog. I think God must want me to write at night because I always seem to be inspired when I can't sleep. I am happy to report we are in the middle of a realy great medical clinc. I am enjoying the nurses and doctors we have so much. They are providing such a great service for the people of Grand Goave. They have seen everything from gangrene toes to scabies and just regular fevers and colds. You can check out their blog at this link:

We also have one of the other Haiti Arise board members here with us this week. Jessie, her daughter Sarah and friend Gwen are here with us. Jessie has been busy in the office as she is our accountant and Sarah has been doing a children's program with the 4th and 3rd grade students from the elementary school.Gwen has been helping Sarah with the program, painted a mural on the building and redid the Haiti Arise sign on the all, she's a very talented artist. It's been great having them all here and I have really liked helping with the kids. In English class today we made one of the crafts that Sarah brought with her. I think the teacher that is translating for her is really understanding the need for the students to do crafts and work with their hands more.
Construction is still going steady. The foundation for the tech school is almost finished and the other section of the medical clinic is being prepared for the next roof pour. Not too much has been happening at the childrens' village this week but we can only trust in the Lords' timing for all things. There have been 3 community homes built since January and the 4th one will be started soon. The leaders took some time to evaluate the building project before deciding to start the next home.

We had a great encouraging prayer service tonight. I really felt the spirit of the Lord moving. I have a great love for my Haitian brothers and sisters but God showed me his love for them while we were worshipping and I was filled with joy. Knowing He alone cares for them so much more than I can ever hope to or imagine fills me with peace. This country definitley has a piece of my heart.
Well I will leave you with that. Pray for continued strength for the nurses and doctors and they minister here and have long days. Also pray for the leaders of Haiti Arise as they often encounter situations that need wisdom and discernment.
Pray for Chris and I to continue to have a servant heart and attitude no matter the circumstances.
Thanks for reading~ Rebecca

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