Monday, August 9, 2010

One Week Away!

Greetings family and friends. We have had a wonderful time in Canada visiting family and friends over the past two months. God surely had this all planned out. We were both able to help coach at Clipper basketball camp which was something we both had wanted to do for sometime. Thanks to all for your wonderful hospitality and great visits along the way :).

We are both excited and at the same time nervous with the adventure that lies ahead. So we are back in Red Deer with one week to go...we still have lots of packing, and supplies to get before leaving this country again. This morning we woke up and were a little anxious so we had a time of prayer. We need God's strength for every step we take, and prayer will be our staple as serve God and the Haitian people.

We decided to name this blog "In His Service," because we believe we are in God's service. He has opened the door for us to serve Him in Haiti and we are being obedient in walking through that door. We hope to use this blog to not only describe the good news but also the hard times we will experience while in Haiti. Our hope is that while reading our blog you will get many ideas as to how you can lift us up in prayer.

Thanks for reading our first post. There will be many more to come, hopefully once a week.
We will also do our best to upload pictures too.

Chris and Rebecca Girvan

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