Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learning the Ropes

Here we are it's Saturday morning in Haiti. We just had a meeting with Sterling who is the leader for the schools here. We talked about English classes and how that is going to look. It's exciting and we are very much looking forward to getting into a routine of teaching. We've been able to go through one of the storage rooms and take inventory and do a few odd jobs for Marc and Lisa. So slowly we are figuring out what we can do and where we can be helpful. There have been 3 church services and they have all been such a blessing. The people pray with a certainty and expectation for God to come and answer. There is such a freedom in praising the Lord here wow!
We have moved into our little home/room. It's great and already feels like our own space. There have been no incidents with critters yet but I am on the lookout.
The kitchen staff is incredible, almost all day yesterday they were singing praise songs and just having such a good time while preparing all our meals.
Creole learning is coming along, everyone is really patient and appreciates that we are trying. Hopefully soon we will have our tutor. Well I think that is all for me right now~ Rebecca

Things are going well. There are many things happening. Today a group of guys continues to work on a new wall for another property where a school and an orphanage will be built one day. They work hard and I try to help out when I can while trying my few phrases of Creole. I am always trying to learn a new phrase, and am excited to learn a new song from last nights church service. Roughly translated (I think it was actually originally written in English) it goes like this:

At Golgotha, at the cross,
Jesus' blood was shed,
He accepted the crucifixion,
So you and I could find life.

With all my heart, I will sing,
How great is God's love,
I adore, and praise,
for the sacrifice he has made for me.

So I am learning to sing it in Creole, praising the Lord and learning some new words, very exciting! Today we get to watch a Haitian wedding, should be a lot fun, and I imagine a lot of dancing :). Please continue to keep us in prayer as seek to make friendships, learn Creole, and serve God with his strength not are own. Also pray that our planning for English classes would go well, as we can teach from the Bible here :). I imagine the classes will be much different than the ones in Korea :).

All is well and God is good! Well back to trying to learn this worship song.
Peace and God Bless.

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