Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Impressions

So here we are landed safely in Haiti. (We had planned to post this yesterday but the Internet doesn't always work to well.) Our welcome to Haiti Arise has been wonderful. We are blessed to have two couples from Canada to show us the ropes over the past couple of days. They are leaving today but it's been helpful for getting adjusted.
Yesterday I experienced the market. It was fascinating to see all the different people selling all kinds of things and just hanging out. There are guys everywhere on motorbikes, random animals running around, and trash on the streets. It's a whole different world and hard to get down on this blog. I think seeing what I've been seeing hasn't quite hit me yet. I see the people living in these tiny tents with basically nothing and I just can't believe it.
The residence building at Haiti Arise is really nice. We move into our room tomorrow I know after a few weeks it will feel like home and be really comfortable. There's running water, power, and even air conditioning in some of the rooms. We had our first church service on Tuesday night which was such a blessing. Marc and Lisa translated for us foreigners. We will have to learn creole but it will take some time and hard work.

Wow! It is so surreal to be back in Haiti. It will take a little while to adjust to the heat and language but with God's help we will. There are some amazing people here that we will work with and for. I am excited to see how teaching English here will compare (if at all) to our experience in Korea. I had a cool experience working with some of the guys building cement slabs for the new wall on the other property. I was eagerly trying to learn every ones name and a little Creole as well. That is one of the most important things for us to be learning over the next weeks and months. Please pray that God would grant us great wisdom (especially for me, Becca has a better memory for language) in learning the language.
i would have to agree with Becca that life here has not sunk in at all. You see the living conditions for some, the tents, the huts, and it just doesn't register that it's a way of life. One day we will be hit with the reality and it may make it harder. May God grant us servant hearts and fill our hearts with his love and peace.
God bless you all.

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