Saturday, March 31, 2012

Haiti I missed you~

Greetings to anyone who's been checking for me to write a blog. I am sorry to report I've had no desire to write. Not sure why but it's like I am treasuring all the moments in my heart. So here I am back in Haiti the place where Chris and I lived for almost a year.
I found the piece of my heart that I left and it has been filled to over flowing with the love and reception I've received coming back.
I honestly am overwhelmed by the love of the people we worked so closely with.
Chris isn't here and everyone constantly asks about him. You never know the impact you have until you leave and come back. I know it was the Lord's doing as we sought him and asked to be led each day.
I am here to update the education fund for all the sponsors back in Canada. So far by the grace of God it is going well. Interesting timing though because the HAM students are on Spring/Easter Break but the Lord has provided a way for the children to come so for that I am thankful.
Next week we will be updating all the college, and high school students which I am looking forward to. It is great to see the improvement and growth in so many of the young students.
I am here with 2 teams from Med Hat and Calgary. They've been really busy helping build the homes and running VBS for the kids. We did a roof pour on the technical school that everyone was involved in that was awesome to witness again.
Today is Saturday and the ladies are planning an afternoon of blessing for the married women of the church. They will have a meal at the beach, go swimming, share testimonies, and do girly type things. I am looking forward to that for sure! We were blessed to be a part of that last year and now again this time. The men of the church are busy preparing the meal. What an encouraging time for the women to be blessed by the men.
Church services have been great and powerful. The prayers, songs and messages have blessed many hearts and you can feel the spirit moving among the people.
Weather has been very humid it has rained pretty much every night. Mangoes are ripe and falling so I've enjoyed munching a few everyday. There is much more to day but this is it for now.
Blessings to you all from Grand Goave.

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