Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Going Back!

So I don't know if anyone ever checks this blog to see if we've updated but if you are the lucky one reading this then thank you for taking the time. Sometimes I wonder if we should keep up a blog of our lives. Something Chris and I will talk about.

Well we've been living in Canada for 6 months now. It's been a mix of emotions, highs and lows being back.
But I am thrilled to report I will be headed back to Haiti on March 23rd - April 10th. (Lord willing :) I am going back to help update the education fund sponsor children. I've taken over looking after that part of HAs' ministry since being back here in Canada. It's been a huge blessing and I am a big supporter of Haiti using education to drive them forward. I believe HA is doing amazing things by providing 300 kids with education and Christian at that. So the goal will be to take as many new pictures and get letters written from each of the students who are sponsored and then send them to their sponsor here in Canada. But I hold this plan out with open hands because in Haiti you never know what will happen from one day to the next. My prayer is to be flexible and ready for that, just because I've been there before doesn't mean I won't forget or be anxious to get things done. I need a heart of service, so prayer for preparation would be appreciated if it comes to mind.

In case some of you are wondering what Chris and I are up too this is a little tidbit of info.
We live in Red Deer AB, I am working at a Christian school as a admin assistant. (also coaching jr. girls bball)
Chris is working for an oil field company cleaning equipment. This is definitely a temporary place for us as we look at
ministry positions in AB. Waiting patiently for the next step. God is faithful and we are seeing that and believing in it.

Thanks for reading, I hope to be posting at least once a week with thoughts and preparation for Haiti.


  1. I will mention Haiti arise to my Church. We are 6 weeks old and already 100 strong!

  2. Thank you for the update Becca :) Yes there are still those who read your blog! Will be praying for you.
    Erin Loewen

  3. HI Rebecca
    Our Sk medical team just returned from Haiti last night and we again had an incredible journey. How exciting to open up the new medical clinic. It was so encouraging to see so much positive changes happening. I missed you this was so good to spend time with Roy and Olive again. I pray you have a great time in Haiti! Elva Brisbois

  4. Hi Rebecca! I'm so glad I saw via fb that you were heading back and then that led me to your blog. So you are in Haiti right now!! I hope all is going well and that the sponsorship things are coming together. I will pray for patience and divine organization of time and logistics of pictures and letter writing... especially knowing how it can go down there. I hope you enjoy every minute of your time there!