Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praise and Prayer at Haiti Arise~

Hello from Haiti. Well Chris and I are sitting together writing this blog. It's been a whirlwind of activity here these days. We are not sure where to begin. We have a team from Saskatoon here at the moment, they arrived on Monday.
Chris has been helping Sterling with the Bible school that opened a couple weeks ago. He watches the video cirriculum with the students and then helps answer questions after. It's keeping him busy in the afternoons. Chris also preached this past Sunday on 2 Peter 3. He really enjoys preaching and the church recieves his messages well. We are so blessed by the people we have gotten to know in the church and community. They especially have a respect for Chris as he has been able to minister to them often. We've also had time to build relationship which is so important in a hot climate culture such as Haiti.
On a completely different note~
Chris wants me to mention that one of the best gifts his parents gave him was the love of reading. Thanks mom and dad! Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary~ :)

There has been a lot of spiritual opposition here lately. I believe the church here is moving forward and growing. In January we started Bible Study classes and the church is really encouraged from it so it makes sense the attacks have been coming. So pray for the church that it would stay strong and continue seeking God in this time. The childrens village wall continues to move forward but everyday there are people who don't want to see it completed. Some people have parts of their homes on the property line and are getting a bit excited when we are trying to build a wall exactly on the line. So we need prayer for this project to continue moving forward in a positive way. One good thing happened there yesterday. The well was drilled by a team of guys who are actually staying with us for a few nights. We are hosting them if they are in the area need a place to stay. They are from Ohio and are based out of PAP but drilling all over Haiti.

I have been busy teaching English and coordinating the teams that have been coming. We have been doing a lot of childrens programs. Everything from singing, face painting, story telling, games and snack time. On average we have about 120 kids coming to the programs today we had 160. So that means tomorrow we will have more. Lots of fun, it's encouraging though to have these kids to influence and share Christ with even if it's only a short time. Each time we do a childrens program we work out more kinks and each time it goes better.
It's been really great having people we know here on the last team and now this team. It's great to reconnect and have a familiar around.

Roy who is the engineer we have here now is really getting the technical school started. I am so encouraged by him and his positive out look. He works well with the Haitian workers and has experience working in Haiti. I am so thankful the school is finally getting built. The sooner the better because so many students want to come back and learn. The medical clinic is almost ready for the next section of roof to be poured. So things are really coming along on the property.

Please pray for all the projects that are ongoing here at the campus. Safety of the workers and teams. Also for Chris' health, he hasn't been 100% for a while and needs strength. We have a medical team coming next week so hopefully the doc can have a look at him. Wisdom for the leaders of Haiti Arise as they make decisions and lead the church. We can thank God though for his provision each and everyday for watching over us and providing all that we need. I am thankful and blessed. Even though Chris stopped helping me write this half way through. Well that's all for today seems there is a lot going on and i need to write more often so I don't forget something. Yikes~
God's grace and peace be with you all
Rebecca and Chris


  1. I love you guys. You are doing so great. Great job teaching and loving those kids Becca. Beth and I are so jealous. Me because I am waiting to start teaching, and Beth because she misses teaching and all the beautiful kids. God grant you abounding grace to know the immensity of his love and wonderful plan for you. May your faith be bolstered to surrender more and see more of Jesus and His Kingdom on earth. Once again, I love you both, but especially Chris;D hahaha Be encouraged that your labours, struggles, and victories spur me and surely countless others on to lose our lives for the King. Thank you for your faithfulness.


    Scotty P.

  2. Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

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