Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines~

Do you know what, I got a box of chocolates from Chris today! What an awesome Valentines surprise. (Who knew he'd find good chocolate here :)
We went out to one of the tent cities this morning to hand out rice and hygiene bags and on the way back he stopped and surprised me. The team from Moose Jaw SK is here and we had a great time this morning. The hand out went really well there were no crowds pushing or complaining. God heard our prayers and went before us. Lisa and I were security at one of the gates to the park and could only let in people with a ticket. It was great to be able to bless the people still living in tents. Though there are not very many left now.

Haiti Arise was really busy this past weekend as we had a women's conference for the ladies of the church. There were 4 sessions of speaking and worship. We covered lots of topics from serving one another to being a good parent and finding a good husband. We also had a rummage sale on Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon at the beach swimming, eating, and doing some crafts. I think it was received really well and lots of the women were challenged. I know I was blessed and have lots of things to think about. I was even given the opportunity to testify to what God has done in my life over the past year. Such a blessing to have all the women together. We even had the men of the church cooking for us. They sure made up some great meals, I was amazed to see the hearts of the men that came they worked tirelessly to make everything yummy. That cement pad that the last team poured worked out really good for cooking on. Everything was cleaner and all around better.

With 24 extra people around everything around here is bustling. The guys finished pouring 1/4 of the roof for the medical clinic today. Chris just told me there was a big cheer from everyone once they finished for the day. Seems to be a lot of joy around this place these days and lots happening. Also it looks like the wall construction will be resuming again soon. We've faced opposition, prayed and God is answering in His time. Still may get some more opposition but we are trusting God.
I am so encouraged by the answered prayer and too at the timing of it all. God only wants us to know what we need to know at just the right time.
Tomorrow we are planning on doing a childrens program in the afternoon. So I am looking forward to that as always. Something about those children just touches the heart, love it:).

Oh just wanted to mention we now have an engineer staying with us until the first week of April. He's from BC and has been in Haiti since October. Anyways long story short he knows some people Marc and Lisa know and his term at another organization was up so he got in contact with us and asked if he could come. He's going to be really vital in getting the tech school construction up and going again. So that is exciting news for us concerning our building projects.
Well I think that about updates to today. So much going on don't know which way my head is going sometimes. Thanks for your thoughts and continued prayers.
Have a great week.
Love from Haiti

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