Thursday, December 9, 2010

December News

It seems I have been neglecting the blog. But I am here now so bear with me as I give a rather large update. Just so you all know everyone here at Haiti Arise is safe and well. I know the media is telling otherwise. With cholera and the election results. Yes there are some uprising happening but it's mostly located in PAP. So we are all very thankful, praise God for his protective hand over Grand Goave.
About a week ago the last team of 2010 (Surrey Alliance) left Haiti. We had a really great time with them. We were able to go out in the community a number of times to visit and to evangelize. A few of the guys built bunk beds for one of the rooms upstairs. The ladies finished painting the inside of the elementary school. One highlight was on last Thursday we had the opportunity to visit the homes of our kitchen staff. We prayed with each ladies family and over their home . It was such a great time. Lucianna one of our cooks is having a new home built so we went to the plot of land which is near Haiti Arise and prayed over it. The home building is slowly starting to happen and it's exciting to see who will receive a new home.

The past week has been quite restful but eventful as well. We went to Jacmaal on Tuesday and had a great time at Basin Blue. It's a beautiful water fall that you can swim and cliff jump into, at one point it is 75ft deep. The ride up to the falls is quite bumpy and adventuresome but everyone with us was up for the challenge. We also went for a meal at this nice hotel. I forget the name, but the food was amazing and for a few minutes I forgot I was in Haiti. At one point I felt a bit guilty for being there when people just outside the gates are living in shanties and we were enjoying this treat. But I think back to the building at Haiti Arise it's beautiful and comfortable and the people living outside the gates live in shanties too. Anyways it's hard, but a reality and I am still not sure what I think about it all. I really like Jacmaal and hope to go back at some point next year just to see the city more and the ocean. I keep hearing about the amazing snorkeling. :)

Wednesday and Thursday were spent helping Anel (Marc's nephew) paint his house. It is looking really great he has done such a good job getting it finished. He was supposed to get married today but with all that's going on in PAP many of his fiancees family wouldn't be able to come and they didn't have all the dresses from the PAP dry cleaners either. So it has been post poned until Tuesday, I think anyways. Really and truly you have to go with the flow here. Everything changes so much everyday. I continue to say that the only constant here in change. Like we have a few people from Canada who are supposed to fly out on Monday. American airlines has cancelled flights until Tuesday. So these people can not fly out until the 16th (Thursday). So we always have to be ready for change and be flexible because you never know what can happen. So please pray for peace and stability to be restores in Haiti. Also thank Him for his continued protection over us here in Grand Goave. Also that we'd be able to fly out next week with out any problems.
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  1. I am so glad you got to basien blue you needed the break and to be able to see some of the wonderful sites in haiti. Robin and I miss you both and hope you have a well deserved rest over the christmas holiday.there is talk that Eldon may come down in February who knows i may join him for my 5th trip????
    We will continue to pray for your health, safety and that Gods love for the people of Haiti will shine at Haiti Arise
    Gord and Robin

  2. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the update. I always love your posts. I'm glad that you guys were able to have some fun moments that were refreshing. I understand what you mean when you say how you don't know what to make of the whole guest house and compound and then having people living in little shacks on the other side of the walls...I am thinking that you have felt this on an even deeper level now that you have been there for longer... I think it should bother us....
    I am glad that you and Chris will have a restful time for Christmas. I would like to send you something, but I have forgotten your email address to email you about it. If you could email me that would be great. Much love and prayers, Amber