Monday, April 18, 2011

It's raining Mangos!

Bonswa from Haiti Arise, where the current weather is mangos, mangos and more mangos. No joke almost every where you walk on the property you are bound to step on a mango. So it's already the middle of April, I am always in awe of how time passes. Life truly is short and I am believing more and more what's done for Christ will be what truly last.

So I would like to explain the pics I have on the blog, the big one with all the people is everyone who helped pour the last section of the medical clinic roof. That day was actually the day before Kathleen left and she was so thankful God answered her prayers and got to leave with that part of the clinic finished. Roy, our engineer, the one who started with the technical school also left that same day. They both accomplished so much during their time here on the compound. The foundation for the tech school is finished and some of the first columns have even been erected. We were so blessed to have those skilled people with us working along side our Haitian brothers to get these projects going. We really miss them here, it's been really quiet these days on the compound these days.

School hasn't been in session for 2 weeks. Mostly because parents don't like sending their kids to school during election results. Also since many people in Grand Goave have been protesting the vote for the new deputy things have been interesting. Nothing to worry about but the town is divided in their loyalties and each party wants the other in place. Just like Canada we have our own loyalties or preferences we just don't throw rocks around if our person is not voted in. (even if we want too :) Apparently the final election results will be announced this Wednesday but that is subject to change.

Right now we are actually waiting for a new team to arrive. They are definitely going to have a good experience with it being Easter this weekend. We are going to have special prayer services during this week and show the Passion of the Christ on Friday night. I am looking forward to everything especially the kids program we will have from Wed-Fri. We have had 4 kids programs this year and they have been really successful with just under 200 kids each time. Marc always says that the children are the future of Haiti (obviously) and we need to invest in them as much as possible. That is part of his vision with the elementary school and orphans village it's amazing and so necessary here. We still need lots of prayer for the children's village property. We are still experiencing opposition and building is still at a stand still. We need God to break through to the few that are trying to stop this good thing from happening. I don't understand why this is happening but we have to trust the Lord's control in the situation and keep fighting the good fight.

The home building continues to go forward, this past week 2 new homes have had their land cleared and foundation dug and is ready to be poured. There are 3 finished homes and those families are now living in those homes. It is really awesome to see especially because those first families are staff of Haiti Arise.

Oh the other pictures is of us ladies dressed up in the evening gowns we found in the container. We had a break from sorting and decided to have some fun with a little fashion show. Lots of fun :) Elisa if you are reading this blog thanks for sending those they will be a blessing to the women who recieve them.

Well that's all for today. I think Chris wants to add something to this blog about his eventful, "you know you are in Haiti when" morning. But he can come and edit this later. Please pray for Chris and I as we make decisions regarding our future. We want to continue following Gods' will and need guidance. Thank you so much for following our journey. God Bless you today~

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